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Updated: August 24, 2005 by Luclin.Magusmaximus

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Breakdown in Communications is an over-arching quest, tied into the lore and progression across Taelosia. As a rough outline, you are supposed to figure out what happened to the scouts the Wayfarer Brotherhood sent out to Taelosia, why they aren't reporting anymore, and what they discovered.

Each zone has a part of the quest associated with it. You will need to do all the zones to gain your progressive reward. The zones may be completed apparently in any order, but the reward is tied to a specific order. If you have completed steps #2 and #3, you will not get anything until you have also completed step #1.

Note that some of the steps are single-group doable (in fact, several occur in instances or areas where you can only bring a single group), while others require full-blown raids, like the Ferubi one.

Thanks a lot to the fine folks at The Safehouse for this document's contents, as well as Lucy & Allakhazam for more details on items and mobs.


Talking to Fezbin Fizzles

Fezbin Fizzles will only talk to you if you're 65. He's located on the ship in Abysmal sea, in the hall where Morden Rasp resides, at loc -35,+60.

You say, 'Hail, Fezbin Fizzles'

Fezbin Fizzles says 'Greetings adventurer, have you come to explore this new [continent] we recently discovered?'

You say, 'i have come to explore the new continent'

Fezbin Fizzles focuses his attention on you.
Fezbin Fizzles says 'Due to some rather odd events with Calliav, we, the Wayfarers Brotherhood, were guided here to the continent we have come to call Taelosia. It is a continent which has suffered through a great magical explosion and now the native inhabitants are in dire straits. Our goal was to investigate this continent and find out more about the strange pieces of matter that we recently found in various places. All signs led us here and so we decided to build this magnificent floating city you are standing in. Unfortunately, we have found out some rather disturbing [news] recently that has all of us rather concerned.'

You say, 'what news'

Fezbin Fizzles says 'Well, when we finished the city, we began to send out scouts to various locales all over the new continent. Right away information started to flow in. They gave us details on the layout of the land and its current inhabitants. We began to piece together this picture of the current state of things on land. Many of the reports gave details on various things like wildlife and climate as well as the local inhabitants and level of advancement. All of this seemed promising to us as we thought we might be able to talk to the natives and find out more about the strange matter that seemed to originate from this place, but then we begin to receive some very [upsetting reports].'

You say, 'what upsetting reports'

Fezbin Fizzles says 'Apparently, the event that spread these strange pieces of matter all over Norrath brought with it a group of beings more horrifying than a shaved dwarf. These creatures seemed to be an organized army of some sort. They have apparently taken over the continent and enslaved the natives. Curious about this, we ordered our scouts to find out more about these beings. Specifically, if they could be reasoned with and if they knew anymore about the odd chunks of rock we found recently. Shortly after we made this demand, everything [stopped].'

You say, 'what stopped'

Fezbin Fizzles says 'The scout reports stopped coming in. We figured that maybe they had just not found anything yet, but as time went by we began to worry. That's when Morden suggested that we send someone to find one of them and learn what was going on. Young Falcin did not know what he was getting into when he volunteered to check things out for us. Falcin left here under the light of a full moon and returned soon after barely able to breathe. He had been caught spying on the beings that currently control the continent. They had tortured him for hours trying to get information. Being the resourceful human he is, he managed to escape only to be mauled by what the natives call ukun, a humanoid creature that is twisted and lethal. Left for dead, Falcin dragged himself back to us and explained what he had [discovered] during his ordeal.'

You say, 'what had he discovered'

Fezbin Fizzles says 'Falcin told us that all of the scouts had been captured and were either dead or were enduring extreme torture sessions. These invading beings are a vicious lot who show absolutely no mercy. Falcin's wounds were proof enough of that. Falcin explained that the scouts who were still alive are being held near where they had been discovered. Those who he could not find he assumed were dead but he still tried to get some proof before he wrote them off. Unfortunately Falcin would not live to see his desire through, he passed on shortly after revealing this information to us and now we are at a loss as to how we can help our scouts who are still living return to us and provide a proper burial for those who were lost. We cannot afford to send anyone else out there as it seems it will require a significant force in order to have any chance of accomplishing the [task] we need completed.'

You say, 'what task'

Fezbin Fizzles says 'With half of our numbers back home dealing with the investigation of the recently unearthed dungeons and the rest here on the ship handling what information we have and trying to decide the best plan of action, Morden figured it might be a good idea to ask some courageous individuals to assist us. Morden has authorized some form of valuable reward for those who can bring us any information regarding our missing scouts or the scouts themselves. Seeing as how you have been so interested in all I have said so far, do you think you would be interested in helping the Wayfarers Brotherhood?'

You say, 'i am interested in helping the wayfarers brotherhood'

Fezbin Fizzles says 'Most excellent. Please take these as a token of our gratitude. It is not much to look at now, but by helping us you will find ways to make this stone more [powerful] when combining it with certain items in that sealer. Please take the time to find Taminoa Bialu, Vaifan Cogswin, and L`diava Rexxen. They are all located on this ship. Each of them is responsible for information from certain areas of the continent. Taminoa has all the information on the city area, Vaifan keeps the information on the mountain passes, and L`diava collects information on the temple areas. If you truly wish to help us, talk to some or all of them and they will help guide you to the right path. When you have finished helping them all, return to me and I shall give you the reward that has been approved by Morden.'

You say, 'how is it powerful'

Fezbin Fizzles says 'The stone I have given you is very special indeed. It is a rare stone with a power that has not yet been revealed. After studying it we have come to the conclusion that its power is based off of resonance. You will see that there are fourteen sockets in the stone. Each socket requires a gem fragment of a certain resonance. As the fragments are set in the stone it will gradually increase in power. These fragments must be placed in the stone in a certain order using a set of clockwork gemcutter's tools, the stone, and the correct shard in the device I handed to you along with the stone. As you help find our scouts, you may come across the gem fragments that will fit into the stone. If you do, please try combining them in the special sealer. If at any time you lose the sealer or misplace the stone return to me and I will what I can do about a replacement.'

This lenghty text maks the beginning of the quest. You are now flagged as being on the quest, and can now talk to the three Wayfarer mentioned in the text: Taminoa Bialu, Vaifan Cogswin, and L`diava Rexxen to get the appropriate instructions.

If you mess up a specific part, saying "I need to rescout xxxxx" where xxxxx is the zone name (Qinimi, Barindu, and so on) to Fezbin will restart that part (you need to go again to the appropriate Wayfarer to get flagged for that quest step), until it is completed (you get the shard).

If you lose the items obtained during the overarching quest, a simple hail will give it back, whether you're at step #1 or #14. This is important for the augment crystal, which you can only destroy by dissolving (for now) if you used it before completing another step. Dissolve the crystal from where you put it, and talk to Fezbin to get it back for the combine.

Please note that a lot of the quests will involve having to hold on quest containers, which a lot of people hate. Also, turn-ins rely on flags. Do not attempt to do any turn-in of a quest piece unless you are appropriately flagged.

You have received Vaifan's Experimental Sealer and the starting Socketed White Crystal. The Crystal needs to be combined with each gem shard you get at each step of the quest, in the correct order. You will also need to buy Vaifan's Clockwork Gemcutter Tools for the combines, which you can find at a jewelry merchant on the ship.

Step #1: Qinimi

Talking to Taminoa Bialu

Taminoa Bialu is located in the same area as Fezbin.

You say, 'Hail, Taminoa Bialu'

Taminoa Bialu says 'Greetings. You must be one of the adventurers that Fezbin told me about. It is a pleasure to meet such a brave individual. Where are my manners? My name is Taminoa Bialu and I compile all the information from our scouts in the [city] area of Taelosia.'

You say, 'What city?'

Taminoa Bialu says 'Well, it appears the native inhabitants of Taelosia lived in a grand city once. This city is made up of four different areas named in their language. They are [Qinimi], [Riwwi], [Barindu], and [Ferubi]. Based off of early information, we believe each area had a specific purpose. I am still trying to decipher the native language to figure out what the names mean, but going off of visual information I can assume that Qinimi served as their court, Riwwi is where they held games, Barindu was a lush garden, and Ferubi was a central place of worship once. That is about the extent of my information as far as the intended purpose of each area. What they are now used for I can explain in further detail. Which area would you like to hear more about?'

You say, 'What is Qinimi?'

Taminoa Bialu says 'It appears the Muramites have made this some sort of stronghold. Destroying many of the native symbols, the invaders have converted the building that once served as the court into fortified headquarters. It is here you will find a structure called the Chamber of Souls, various pens to hold ukun, and a moat of sickly black sludge. The structures that the nihil once called home are all but destroyed now. Very sad indeed. That's where the legion keeps the bulk of the [slaves]. I believe that the scout for this area was caught sneaking around the housing district, but I have no proof. If you were to search this area, maybe you would find some sort of sign or marker he may have left. That would be helpful.'

So, Kreshin the scout seems to have been caught. You first need to confirm this, and what he was doing at the time.

Finding the report

The Kreshin's Journal Page from Qinimi is a ground spawn that looks like a book with only its spine showing. Follow the right zone wall coming from Natimbi, until you get to the 2 rows of buildings. Just before them is a rock/rubble. The page spawns on top of that.

Respawn time: unknown

Turn the page in, and you are directed to a prisoner, Councilman Sislono Nislan.

Sislono's Key

Start by handing Sislono the journal page you got back.

Councilman Sislono Nislan says 'Yes, I have seen this and others like it before. While we do not understand where it comes from, we have come to the conclussion that these strange glyphs express somthing important to your people. These particular glyphs were made by the small one they hold captive in the courtroom. If you wish to help him, you will have to retrieve the [stone of entry]. Only with this stone can you enter the courtroom and help the one who calls himself kreshin.

You say 'stone of entry?'

Councilman Sislono Nislan says 'Gaining access to such a private place has always been reserved for the elders of my people. While the legion may have destroyed our home, they have yet to figure out a way around many of our wards that bar access to our sacred areas. Unfortunately, thier frustration at gaining entry resulted in the painful torture of many of my people until they were given the keys to enter. The courtroom requires one of these keys and while the invaders hold all of the existing keys, I can create one if you can retrieve the proper [items]

you say 'items?'

Councilman Sislono Nislan says 'The key consists of mud, some stonedust particles, and a piece of chalk. The mud can be found in the sewers beneth the city. The stonedust is plentiful near the coliseum, and the chalk can be found all over this area. Bring these to me and i will make you a temporary key which will grant you access to the courtroom. I implore you to hurry. I fear the one you seek may not be alive much longer.'

Councilman Sislono Nislan needs 3 items to make that Stone of Entry. Those three items are:

Turn them to Sislono:

Sislono covers the three pieces in his hands, closes his eyes, and begins to chant. A glow begins to emanate from his hands and he begins to chant louder. Then, just as quickly as it began, the glow in his hands dims and the chanting stops. 'There you are -- the key which grants you and your party access to the courtroom. Just stand on the pedestal in the center of the large building in this part of the citywith the key in your hand and say you Wish to enter.' 'There is one more [thing] I must tell you before you go.'

You say 'What thing?'

Councilman Sislono Nislan says 'The geomantic device which raises you into the courtroom is an ancient one and takes time to reset after it has been used. If you are having trouble entering, be patient. You will know it is ready to recieve a key when you hear a grinding sound from the base of the device as it settles into place. Please be sure you are fully prepared before entering. While it once was a place of peaceful discussion, the courtroom is now a place where terrible torture is conducted by those the legion wants information from. When they see uninvited guests, they will not be very happy. The leader of this area's force is known as Tixxrt and stopping him is the only way you can save the small one, called Kreshin.'

Saving the scout

With that key, a group gets to attempt to save the scout from execution. Think Plane of Justice trials. You need to make your way to the temple on the south side of the zone, all members of a full group must be standing on the pedestal inside there (non invisible), and the person with the Stone of Entry has to say "I wish to enter" while holding the Stone on his/her cursor.

There are a couple mobs which you must clear. The trial begins with 3 mobs which aggro right as you arrive in the event area. Every time you defeat one triplet, the next triplet comes live (just like the Trial of Execution, except the mobs are pre-spawned, just inactive) once all corpses are looted (apparently, if you don't loot, the next wave stays blocked). After 3 waves, the boss and his 2 guards become targetable.

After the boss goes down, the executioner Xocik spawns and has to be killed (the guards may still be live).

You only have a limited time to kill everyone (six minutes). After the timer runs out, you get teleported out again, assuming you are not dead, and a zone-wide emote announces the execution of Kreshin. If you are dead, there is Besana the Gravedigger in the zone who will summon your corpse out for free (access to the corpsemaster isn't that easy, though, you will need invisibility to run to the corner) if you say that "I wish to live again".

Xocik writhes in pain as his body falls to the floor. Your valiant efforts have resulted in the rescue of Kreshin.

Kreshin Silentcog says 'Thank you for rescuing me. I sense that one of you holds a stone key which allowed you entrance into the courts. Please show it to me.'

Kreshin Silentcog says 'You have done well to get this far. Please, take this to Taminoa and tell him it is vital that he decipher it. I must stay here to investigate more. Let him know I am safe and thank you again.'

You get the stone back, as well as a Writ of the Magi. Note that multiple persons can hail Kreshin and do the turn in. Time to go back to Taminoa.

Another ennemy

Taminoa Bialu says 'Finally, you have returned and with some information I see. Kreshin contacted me in advance to let me know of your daring rescue. We are indebted to you. Now, back to business. While I cannot make out most of it, Kreshin has translated some of it and it appears to be a description of a ritual one of the head ikaav performs regularly. Apparently she has been trying to absorb the geomantic powers of the natives of Taelosia. The details are kind of sketchy as Kreshin was only able to translate so much, but some information is better than none, I always say. Anyway, it says here that the ritual is conducted in the Chamber of Souls. It used to be a large tower which the natives used to watch the shores. The tower was destroyed when the invaders took over the area and converted it to a ritual chamber. They used it in experiments centered on the extraction of magic. The head ikaav, known as Xictic, has been trying to use the powers of the native Taelosians to build an army of stone workers that he can directly control instead of relying on the ability of slaves. During the ritual, Xictic stands atop a platform which is suspended over a circle of platforms. The center platform holds an inanimate stone worker while eight ikaav stand on smaller platforms around the center. What happens next is not really known, but the end result is three lifeless slave corpses. According to this, she has not yet been successful, which I would say is good news. But if we do not stop her, she could easily reinforce the numbers with stone workers tainted by the touch of this legion. I know you have accomplished your goal, but I must ask that you find a way into this ritual and silence Xictic for good. Show this to Nislan. He should be able to decipher the images. I believe this is the key to getting into the ritual chamber. Now, hurry please and return to me with proof of Xictic's death so that I can make a final report on the Qinimi area to Fezbin.'

Taminoa hands you back the Writ of the Magi (slightly altered), which must be brought to Sislono Nislan.

Councilman Sislono Nislan says 'These glyphs look quite familiar. They are definitely in my language, but it seems as if the one who etched them did so against his will. Where did you get this? Wait, don't tell me. I know. Kreshin must have been successful in finding out what was going on in the Chamber of Souls. These glyphs detail how to animate stone using our geomancy abilities. There are some strange symbols toward the bottom, but for the most part, this is our language. Could he be trying to conduct the [ritual] of my people?'

You say 'What ritual?'

Councilman Sislono Nislan says 'While animating stone comes easy for us, sometimes we need an extremely powerful stone worker to help with the city. These stone servants were made through a ritual which combined the power of eight geomancers into a ninth. This geomancer would then imbue a stone worker with this power, resulting in a more powerful construct. We stopped doing the ritual when we discovered that it could take away our ability over time. If [she] has somehow figured out a way to absorb this power, then my people could be in more danger than I thought possible.'

You say 'She?'

Councilman Sislono Nislan says 'We refer to her as the silent one, but the legion calls her Xictic. She is one of their kind who can use magic and she seems to be quite feared by everyone in this area. She comes here sometimes and takes three of us into the building with the glowing dome around it. Along with her are eight magic-using invaders and some of the slavers. When they are finished, only members of the legion leave. None of my people who enter are ever seen again. If what this says is true, you must stop her. If she succeeds, she will be able to control our stone servants at will and cause even more destruction. I beg you to stop her. I will help you in any way if you [promise] to stop her.'

You say 'I promise to stop her'

Councilman Sislono Nislan says 'I cannot tell you how relieved this makes me. Now to the issue at hand. While Xictic and those she chooses can roam freely in and out of the magical dome surrounding the chamber, if anyone else tries to enter they are held back. As a councilman, I was granted a device that allows access into the dome and I've managed to keep it away from the prying eyes of the Mata Muram. Using it is not without its consequences, though. As soon as an outsider shows up within the dome, they will know what has occurred and will come searching for the culprit so be certain you are ready to face the challenges ahead before you embark upon this venture. Only eighteen of you will be allowed into the chamber at one time so gather your forces and tell me you are [ready] to face Xictic.'

You say 'I am READY!'

You need to be in a raid of 3 groups for the next part. Your raid will be teleported in the enclosed dome in the center of Qinimi to fight another ring event. You now have 27 minutes to win. Kill all the 3 ratuks within 10 minutes or the first sacrifice goes thru and you get slaughtered by the stone golem they created.

The waves:

Loot Xictic's Bloody Robes as the proof Taminoa wants. 3 such drop per raid.

Other items from the raid

The finale

Reward: A Dull Gem Shard

Combined with the Socketed White Crystal, yields A Dull Socketed Crystal

Step #2: Barindu

Talking to Taminoa Bialu

You say, 'Hail, Taminoa Bialu'

Taminoa Bialu says 'Greetings. You must be one of the adventurers that Fezbin told me about. It is a pleasure to meet such a brave individual. Where are my manners? My name is Taminoa Bialu and I compile all the information from our scouts in the [city] area of Taelosia.'

You say, 'What is Barindu?'

Taminoa Bialu says 'This area holds the remains of what was once a place to build stone workers. We can only guess what purpose this part of the city served and all we know now is that it is home to some of the cruelest acts of violence against the nihil. I assigned this area to Talwin, a young wood elf new to the brotherhood. He was a proven scout eager to assist. Initially things were going well, but the information he was sending was not helping much. I think this worried him and resulted in him pushing his luck a little far. Ever since I told him his reports were lacking the vital evidence we needed I have not heard from him. Before Falcin passed on, I asked him if he had found anything out about Talwin and he shook his head. I know Talwin is still alive . . . he has to be . . . and I know that there must be some clues in the area of Barindu somewhere. He was diligent about recording what he found so I would assume that if he has been captured that his writings must be lying around the area somewhere. See if you can find two of his journal entries and bring them back to me. When you return please give what you find to my assistant Opury Foop. She is trying to help me organize my reports a little better.'

So, you are to find what happened to Talwin.

Find the report

Talwin's Journal Page 1 & Page 2 drop from random mobs in Barindu. Collect the two pages, and hand them to Opury Foop. It seems Talwin was becoming friend with one of the slaves, Proteri Amari.

Proteri Amari

You need to have Warmly faction to the Nihil to advance in the dialog.

You say 'Hail, Proteri Amari'

Proteri Amari glances around nervously. 'Leave me be. I can't be seen talking to outsiders

You say 'who is talwin?'

Yes ... Talwin. He and I were becoming fast friends until Ixvet took him. I am not sure what has happend to him, but if you would be [interested] in helping me I may be able to assist you in return.'

You say 'I am interested'

Proteri Amari says 'Good, good. As you may have noticed, the majority of these creatures are brutish types best suited for destruction. They are kept under control solely by strong [leadership].'

You say 'leadership'

Proteri Amari says 'The one who controls this area of the city goes by the name Ixvet Pox. She's as cruel as the rest, but considerably more intelligent which makes her even more dangerous. Fortunately, she's grown complacent and that gives us an [opportunity]. If we can destroy Ixvet, it will throw this area into chaos and we should be able to escape before order is restored.'

You say 'opportunity'

Proteri Amari says 'I've managed to get someone loyal to our cause placed within Ixvet Pox's entourage of personal servants and a skilled herbalist tends to her favorite fruits in the gardens. We will use this connection to poison the tyrant. Go talk with Kunimi Falade. You can find her working on the Hanging Gardens. Give her this ring as proof that you are there with my blessing and she will tell you what she needs.'

You get a no-stat Simple Stone Band as a token.

The exotic poison

Kunimi Falade is on the east side of the hanging gardens, but you need Ally faction to turn in the ring.

You say 'Hail, Kunimi Falade'

Kunimi Falade glances around to make sure no one is within earshot then whispers, 'Who are you and what do you want?'

You say 'proteri sent me'

Kunimi Falade looks nervous at the mention of that name and says, 'I'm sorry. I don't know anyone by that name.'

At that point, turn in the ring as proof of your bona fide.

Kunimi Falade takes the ring and studies it for a moment. 'So the time has finally come. Unfortunately, I have had little success. Our traditional poisons have absolutely no effect on these invaders. They don't even seem to notice the poison. But, there is some hope. I believe I can distil a poison that will affect them if I had the right [ingredients].'

You say 'ingredients'

Kunimi Falade says 'Creating poisons is distasteful business and I'm afraid the items that go into it are just as distasteful. I need the black bile of a hynid and the yellow bile of a tide feaster from the shores of Natimbi and both a vial of corrosive slime and a mass of insect larva from the sewers beneath us. Once I have these items, I should be able to create an effective poison. Now, you should leave before we're seen.'

Time for a little collection:

Turning them in and Kunimi will cunningly prepare a new poison.

Kunimi Falade takes the ingredients and gets to work. Within a few minutes, she produces a viscous green liquid. Plucking a bunch of fruit from the nearby plant, she coats the fruit in the poison.

Kunimi Falade says "That should do it. I can't be positive that this will do more than give Ixvet an upset stomach, but we can hope. Please take this to Proteri Amari.

You get a Poisoned Fruit which you are supposed to bring back to Proteri Amari.

Ikaav Ixvet Pox's poisoning

Proteri Amari says 'I knew Kunimi would come through! Our day of escape is almost here. Take this to Abena Taifa. She is the servant who brings Ixvet his meals and is loyal to our cause.'

You get a different Poisoned Fruit back (if you turn in the wrong one, you'll need to restart from the beginning). This one goes to Abena Taifa in theory. Alas, she has run into a snag, and you'll have to find help somewhere else.

Abena Taifa says 'Proteri sent word that you would be coming. I have bad news. It seems Ixvet has gotten wind of a plot on his life and has grown paranoid. He has started changing his personal servants on a regular basis and I was replaced by Chiaka Lerato yesterday. I'm afraid that I'm not going to be able to help you anymore.'

So, will Chiaka Lerato help?

You say, 'Hail, Chiaka Lerato'

Chiaka Lerato says 'I know of your plot and I have no interest in being a part of it. It's too dangerous and more likely to get us all killed than set us free. I don't want anyone else getting hurt, so I won't tell the guards, but I will have no part in your plans.'

You get the Poisoned Fruit back, again in a different form. You have a problem, how to get Chiaka to cooperate, or have her replaced as body servant of Ixvet... Go back to Abysmal Sea to find a member of Chiaka's family, Hamisi Lerato, who is near the Soulbinder:

You say, 'Hail, Hasimi Lerato'

Hamisi Lerato looks despondent. 'I recently managed to escape from the city with my mother, but my sister is still stuck in there. She was too frightened to escape with us and now I fear she may be dead.'

You say, 'Chiaka is alive'

A look of astonishment flashes across Hamisi's face. 'You've seen my sister? Is she ok? Where is she? Wait, there will be time to talk later. For now, you must return to her immediately. Our mother has been worrying herself to death and has grown very sick. I fear she won't last much longer. Please, take this shawl to my sister. It's our mother's. My sister will recognize it and know what it means. May the ocean speed your journey!

You get a Tattered Shawl to give to Chiaka.

Chiaka Lerato says 'How did you. . . Nevermind. I'd know this shawl anywhere and it can only mean one thing. Mother needs me. I haven't heard from my brother or mother since they escaped and I thought they might be dead. I should have left with them when I had the chance. Fortunately, Hamisi told me of his plans. I should be able to use the same route he did to escape. Here, take this. I won't need it any more.'

You get Chiaka's Serving Tray. Chiaka then starts going out to Ferubi zone.

Now that Ixvet has ironically lost her most dependable servant, maybe the next one will be more suitable to the plot.

Wait until Ixvet is up and go back to Abena Taifa. Hand her the required Serving Plate and Poisoned Fruit that you got from Chiaka.

Abena Taifa says 'Just in time! Ixvet is due for his next meal in a few minutes. With Chiaka out of the way, I'll be able to serve him. I hope this poison isn't noticeable. Here, I've managed to secret this away from the guards up until now and I hate to think about those beasts getting their hands on it. Please hold onto it for me. If this goes well, I won't need it anymore.'

You get Chiaka's Collar of Liberation as a (small) reward. Abena then walks to the Ikaav's room.

If you do nothing, she gets killed there, because one of the Aneuks Controllers will taste the poison before the boss gets to eat it. Kill Ixvet Pox and Talwin's remains, a fallen skeleton in one of the buildings become targetable. That's a chest, similar to those in Lost Dungeons of Norrath. Knock it down (attack) to get some copies of Talwin's Final Report.


You do not need the poison, though. The poison will lock down the Colossus of War in the Ikaav's room, making the fight easier. You can though it out and take out all in Ixvet's room and loot the remains afterward. You do need to go thru the dialogs however, to get the appropriate intermediate flags.

The finale

Bring Talwin's Final Report to Taminoa.

Reward: A Shiny Gem Shard

Combined with A Dull Socketed Crystal, yields A Shiny Socketed Crystal

Step #3: Riwwi

Talking to Taminoa Bialu

You say, 'Hail, Taminoa Bialu'

Taminoa Bialu says 'Greetings. You must be one of the adventurers that Fezbin told me about. It is a pleasure to meet such a brave individual. Where are my manners? My name is Taminoa Bialu and I compile all the information from our scouts in the [city] area of Taelosia.'

You say, 'What is Riwwi?'

Taminoa Bialu says 'Riwwi has to be the most interesting of all of the city areas. You see, this is where the coliseum is located. Now, we are not completely aware of how it was used before this invading army took up residence in the area, but now it is used for the merciless slaughter of the nihil. Early reports from our scout, Reyna, indicate that the slaves in the area would not interact with her until she proved herself. How she was able to do this I am not sure, but I would suggest trying to find something of Reyna's while I go over my Riwwi information. Come back to me when you find something.'

Note that Reyna is also involved somehow in the quest for the mask from the Cragbeast Queen in Natimbi, but that's entirely separate from here.

Reyna's demise

It seems Reyna did get in a bad situation. You will find Reyna's Bloody Earring as a random drop in Riwwi. Hand it to Taminoa:

Taminoa Bialu says 'This does not bode well for Reyna's fate. If I had to guess, I would say they took her to the coliseum. Knowing what we know about these strange beings, they would have taken her to the coliseum just so they could entertain themselves by torturing her. You must find a way into the coliseum and save Reyna. I think your best plan of action would be to locate and speak to Turlini and Namosa. They are two slaves Reyna mentioned in her reports. They may not talk to you if you have not proven yourself, but once you do that they should be pretty helpful. They may even know an easy way into the coliseum. Find these two and ask them about Reyna. Return to me when you find out more information about her.'

So, you are directed to two slaves, Turlini and Namosa, who will not trust you at first. This is an entire quest, which results in its own rewards, even if you're not pursuing the overall quest.

Brace yourself, this is going to be pretty long.

Getting faction with the Yunjo Resistance

You can gain faction by relentlessly killing some of the mobs that give off the required faction increase (not all do, and the faction is rumored to be quite small).

You can also help some of the slaves. This is how Reyna did it. There are some slaves that are hungry and thirsty, located in the first building to the left of the Qinimi zone line. They require some player-made foods and drinks from native Taelosian products.

Each slave will tell you what it wants (sometimes, they want something other than what is specified).

Turn 8 of these for faction gain to the appropriate slave, and the slave is sated and won't accept more (you need to wait for them to respawn as hungry/thirsty ones). You can also turn 4, 3 then 4 to get 11 faction hits instead of having the slave despawn after 8 turns-in (oddly, 3 then 4 can result with the slave being sated at times). The respawn is 30mn, and the type of Yunjo that pops is random, either Enslaved Yunjo, or one of the 5 ones.

The higher the quality of the food/drink given, the greater the faction improvements. You need to be seen Warmly to talk to the two slaves. Note that the Taelosian Morphemic Staff that you can /claim helps with that faction!

If unsure of what to do, go check the fine folks at EQ Traders for various recipes.

Namosa's family

This is moderately easy. You merely have to make the trip back and forth between the various protagonists of the story, helping prevent suicide, and giving hope to the Yunjo. Pandula Bubundu's niece, Namosa Bubundu has been enslaved, and Pandula is anxious to know of her fate.

You say, 'Hail, Namosa Bubundu'

Namosa Bubundu coughs pitifully and looks through you with weak eyes, 'This gazebo was once a place of contemplation, meditation, and reflection, but now it is a place of torture. These slavers shackle us here within feet of the pool of water and refuse us food or drink for days at a time, accompanied by horrible beatings. And now, I have had enough. I am through with this world and can only hope for peace in my passing. Before I pass on I wonder if you could do a [favor] for me?'

You say, 'what favor?'

Namosa Bubundu slips you a scuffed signet ring, 'Yes, yes. Here is a family heirloom that I have been keeping secret from our captors. If you deliver this ring to my kin, I can die in peace knowing it never fell into their hands. There are rumors that some of my family members have escaped the clutches of these monsters and made their way into a city that floats on water. I hope you understand, friend. Go quickly.'

Go now talk with Pandula Bubundu on the Absymal Sea ship

You say, 'Hail, Pandula Bubundu'

Pandula Bubundu says 'What can I do for you? I'm waiting to hear word from the Wayfarer scouts. My niece has been captured by the Muramites and I only wish to discover if she is still alive. I can't take this, not knowing. I would much rather endure a thousand of those beast's whips than be kept in the dark. Please find her for me.'

Give Pandula the Scuffed Signet Ring you got from Namosa.

Pandula Bubundu sobs uncontrollably, tears welling up in her eyes, 'So my little one is still out there. This is wonderful news. I can now die in peace. The Wayfarers have transcribed my final wishes onto this parchment. Please deliver this to Namosa.'

You receive Pandula's Final Words. Bring these to Namosa.

Namosa Bubundu gasps, 'What?! Oh no, this isn't good at all. She isn't supposed to die. I am! Quick, go and see Councilman Tentric in Qinimi and let him know what's happening. He has always helped our family when we were in need. If you bring this token he will know I sent you!'

You say, 'Hail, Councilman Tentric'

Councilman Tentric says 'You haven't come to demand something of me, have you? I've been subjected to enough atrocities already. Please leave this old man in peace.'

Turn in the Token of Understanding to the Councilman Tentric.

Councilman Tentric nods solemnly, 'Hmm . . . I see. So Pandula is contemplating leaving this world. There is no doubt that these are hard times. Our people are strong however, and nothing will truly break our spirit. Please let Pandula know that the gods have not forgotten us. Bring her this holy symbol.'

You receive a Symbol of Faith. Bring it to Pandula.

Pandula Bubundu looks quizzically at the symbol and rubs it in her hands. She smiles as if realizing something, 'Ah, Tentric, you are always right. I can't give up on this world or my family. I'm not sure why I was behaving so selfishly. Take this flower to my niece, she will know what it means.'

Finally, give Namosa the Drakelily you received.

You have received a character flag!

Namosa Bubundu says 'A drakelily? My aunt grew these in her garden. In fact, I helped her plant some of them myself. She always told me they were a sign of hope. Thank you, Xxxxx. I'll inform our people of your kindness.'

Namosa touches your shoulder and gazes at you with pleading eyes. 'I hope this isn't presumptuous of me. You've already done so much. Before you go, I need to ask you for another favor. Turlini is under heavy guard in one of the nearby towers. The Muramites think he's up to something and I'm concerned they may torture or kill him. Please have a talk with Turlini when you can.'

You receive a Crescent Stone Amulet, whose use is yet unknown.

Turlini's revolt

Turlini wants to be free. Who wouldn't.

You say, 'Hail, Turlini'

Turlini beams with excitement, 'I recognize you! One of the adventurers we've heard tales about! There are rumors of you destroying the Legion of Mata Muram. Have you come to set us free?'

You say, 'i have come to set you free'

Turlini says 'Bless you, we're saved! Listen up, friend. I've already formulated a plan to stage a quick and decisive escape, but first we need to get our hands on a complete set of shackle keys. Just a few won't suffice; it must be entire set. If we were to rescue only some of my brethren, those that remain behind would be brutally tortured beyond imagination. Now, I've watched the guards carefully and counted the silvery keys they carry. There are ten in total. Combine the set in this sack and return it to me. I knew you would help!' ...

Place these 10 keys in Turlini's Key Bag, combine and give the Sack of Silvery Keys to Turlini.

You have received a character flag!

Turlini fishes a jagged key from the sack and tries it on his manacles. They unlock with a loud snap and slide off his wrists. His expression melts into simultaneous shock and elation. 'YES! We will be freed. Very soon now, these chains will bind my people no longer! And as for you, Xxxxx, you will become a legend among my people.'

Turlini can barely contain his excitement. 'This is wonderful news, friend. Freedom is within our grasp! The only problem remaining is the ever-present guards. They are always watching over us. We would need a monumental distraction to buy enough time for me to release everyone. Which is where you come in. One of your kind who goes by the name of Reyna has been taken to the arena and has been tortured daily in front of the Muramite masses. If you were to create enough of a ruckus in the arena trying to free her I think we could make our escape.'

The Great diversion: Freeing Reyna

Once you have the flag from Turlini, you can start a series of increasingly difficult fights in the Coliseum.

Talk to an enslaved yunjo in the Coliseum:

You say, 'Hail, an enslaved yunjo'

an enslaved yunjo says 'It's you! The champion everyone has spoken of! Have you come to defy the Muramites?'

You say, 'I have come to defy the Muramites'

an enslaved yunjo shouts 'Xxxxx defies you! Do you hear me? Xxxxx defies you and will destroy your kind!'

An officiator shouts, 'We'll see how defiant Xxxxx is after they have been crushed for our amusement. Send in one of our trained hynids!'

an enslaved yunjo says 'Stand fast and prepare for a fight! They're sending a bloodthirsty beast into the arena to kill you as we speak. If you defeat it, place the head in this sack as proof and return it to Turlini. He is the leader of the resistance and may be able to assist you for helping us.'

You will receive a bag, typicalled named Satchel of the xxxth battle (going from first to tenth). This will also trigger one or several mobs coming into the Coliseum. Kill the mob(s), loot its/their head(s), and place them into the bag to combine into a Blood-Soaked Satchel (10 different versions, one for each battle). Turn in the bag to Turlini and you will get an upgraded necklace, which you can then turn in to the slaves for the next phase.

The main delay consists of going back and forth between the arena and Turlini's cell. Multiple people can trigger their own encounter one after the other, then the entire group take a trip to Turlini, hand their satchels, and then go back for the next set of encounters.

Turlini sometimes spawns a bit to the side (like in water next to his haunt), so if he isn't right where you think it is, go check around.

Each encounter is a single group event. Anyone who aggros from the mob outside of the group that did the turn-in causes the Officiators to call it unfair, and they get ported to the zone line.

There are 10 successive encounters:

1easy Frothing Hynid's Head Yunjo's Braided Cord
2easy Gibbering Hynid's Head Yunjo's Sea Kelp Cord
3easy High Hill Cragbeast's Head
Handler Bvekh's Head
Yunjo's Woven Twine Cord
4easy Pfaaxle's Head Yunjo's Plaited Hynid-Fur Cord
5easy Manipulated Stoneworker's Head Yunjo's Hynid Fang Cord
6easy Misguided Stoneworker's Head
Controlled Earthmover's Head
Pressed Leather Yunjo Sash
73 mobs (1 yellow, 2 blue cons) Directed Destroyer's Head
Dominated Bonecrusher's Head
Pixtt Master Hviqu's Head
Spiked Leather Yunjo Sash
83 mobs (even con) Dvax's Head
Qiz's Head
Xnoz's Head
Woven Bone Yunjo Sash
91 mob (yellow) Kizki the Slayer's Head Silvery Mesh Yunjo Sash
106 mobs (3 unmezable dogs, 3 mezable aneuks) Hexxt Nheki's Head
Hexxt Lixx's Head
Hexxt Skazm's Head
Pixtt Mik's Head
Pixtt Khark's Head
Pixtt Kirq's Head
Sash of the Yunjo's Champion

If you fail at one stage, you have to restart from wave 1 the series of events.

The finale

After you've finished the diversion, Turlini has some good news and bad news.

You have received a character flag!

Turlini shouts with joy. 'Aha, you've done it! Thanks to your distractions in the coliseum, the Muramite legion is engulfed in utter chaos. We will take this opportunity to escape. You have saved us all. Oh, I almost forgot! Before I go, take this as a final gift from the Yunjo. It holds much strength, just as you do. Unfortunately I have bad news. Something I could not tell you until now. Reyna passed on a few days ago. Her last request was that I give this to someone who had proven his or her worth. You have more than done that. I wish there were more I could do, but we are masters of shaping stone not life.

Turlini says 'I can't wait to be reunited with my family! Let's get out of this place.'

You get the final reward of the Arena diversion outlined above, and Reyna's Scout Report. Hand in the report to Taminoa.

Taminoa Bialu says 'Reyna was a skilled scout who had spent many years honing her abilities. Learning that she died so horribly upsets the stomach, but she died trying to help others. Yes . . . that's what we should focus on. This report you have returned will be a great help to us and this reward should help you as well. It was wrapped in the report and appears to be a gem fragment that may fit into the stone Fezbin gave you. Now to the rest of the city. Hopefully we can prevent our other scouts from suffering the same fate as Reyna.'

You have successfully completed a section of the Taelosian City.

Reward: A Glowing Gem Shard

Combined with A Shiny Socketed Crystal, yields A Glowing Socketed Crystal

Step #4: Ferubi

Talking to Taminoa Bialu

You say, 'Hail, Taminoa Bialu'

Taminoa Bialu says 'Greetings. You must be one of the adventurers that Fezbin told me about. It is a pleasure to meet such a brave individual. Where are my manners? My name is Taminoa Bialu and I compile all the information from our scouts in the [city] area of Taelosia.'

You say, 'What is Ferubi?'

Taminoa Bialu says 'The area called Ferubi was once a Taelosian temple. Now it is a place that reeks of pain and suffering. The invading army has desecrated the temple and the slaves within endure unimaginable torture. Based on the information our scout Smith Rondo sent to me before his disappearance, the invaders use this area to craft weaponry and conduct strange experiments. Smith's ability to sneak in and out of places quickly made him the ideal choice for this job, but like most of our other scouts he eventually got caught trying to reveal a vital piece of information. We have confirmed that he is still alive and I need you to go find him and give him this. It is a special farstone attuned to his aura so only he can use it. Please make haste in your mission, but be careful. You are entering the lion's den and if you are caught, I cringe to think what will happen.'

You should get a Tuned Farstone now. This is supposed to help get Rondo back home, much like the Thurgadin Gate potion was used to get the hapless scout back to Thurgadin during the shawl quest.

The Corruption of Smith Rondo

Give the Tuned Farstone to Smith Rondo

Smith Rondo says 'While I applaud your effort, I must decline. You see, since I was captured I have been altered by the beings known as ikaav. As a result, my aura has changed, making this farstone useless. I do not know what it is I am becoming, but I will not place the lives of the brotherhood in danger. I have decided to give in to the inevitable and serve these beings. Please tell Taminoa I am sorry, but this is for the best. And please give him this. As I slip deeper and deeper into insanity, I have lost my ability to articulate my thoughts on paper. This is one of my last written reports and I think Taminoa will find it quite interesting.'

You get a Sealed Report back. Go back to Taminoa in Abysmal to give the report

Taminoa Bialu says 'Ah. Glad to see you return and report that you found Smith. Let me see, what does it say here . . . oh my, I can't believe this. These beings are truly insane. This is a detailed account of the experiments the Muramites have been conducting on the natives and on Smith. If what is listed here is true, we must find out more about this. It says that this is one of two reports he wrote, so we must assume he still has the other one on him. It also says here that the weapon master has access to the mountain area that leads to a secret way into the temples where they conduct these experiments. Oh, poor Smith. As soon as he figured out what was going on he documented it, hoping that he could somehow get it back to us without them finding out. Hm . . . here at the bottom he gives details about the weapon master. Seems he only enters the Ferubi area to fix the weapons that his four elite guards use. Knowing this, I am sure we can trick him into appearing. You must return to Ferubi and find his elite guards and collect a different weapon from each of them, but remember the weapon has to be damaged. Sounds like this is pretty durable stuff they use, so it may take some time to accomplish this. Either way, once it is done I would suggest giving the pieces to Smith and asking him to help.'

Freeing Smith Rondo

You have to get four NODROP weapon parts.

Prepare a raid now, and turn the 4 weapons to Smith Rondo. This will attract the attention of the Weaponmaster itself.

Kill Weapon Master Vtiink Vzaan and his apprentices.

As you kill its master, Smith Rondo finally succumbs to the transformation pushed on him, and turns aggro. You now have to kill him.

After defeating him, his ghost spawns. Hail the ghost to receive a flag to bypass the first 4 trials in the sewers for the zone progression (it has been reported that merely killing the Weaponmaster alone is enough to allow you the bypass, even though you didn't get a flag).

If you have also completed the quest steps so far, you will also receive Rondo's Report. Any number of reports can be received at a single raid, as long as you are flagged has having handed the previous report from Rondo in Abysmal sea. The raid can be triggered whether or not anybody is doing the quest at the moment. You do need to be in the raid that triggered the Weaponmaster to get the appropriate flag/report, otherwise Rondo's spirit will ignore you.

You say, 'Hail, Smith`s Spectral Memory'

You feel a chill surround your body as a voice enters your mind. 'Thank you for releasing me from an eternity of suffering. Now you must help the others on this continent whose fate I fear is much worse than mine. You must seek out Apprentice Udranda in Barindu. She can help you gain access to the temples beyond the mountain passes.'

The finale

Turn in Rondo's Report to Taminoa. You have now finished the city scouting.

Reward: A Green Colored Gem Shard.

Combined with A Glowing Socketed Crystal, yields one of:

Step #5: Sewers

Talking to Vaifan Cogswin

Vaifan Cogswin is also located in the same area as the previous quest givers.

You say, 'Hail, Vaifan Cogswin'

Vaifan Cogswin says 'Well, hello traveler. You here to help with the scout problem we've been having?'

You say, 'yes i am here to help'

Vaifan Cogswin says 'Good to hear. I have been going out of my skull trying to tinker another one to find the first. Now that you are here, I can stop that and focus on compiling the information I already have. Let me tell you, being in charge of something like this is very taxing on the nerves. I remember being a young gnome and whenever I tinkered something it worked the first time. Ah, how good it felt to put the Cogswin family emblem on my wonderful creations. Nowadays it seems like everything I make has some intermittent flaw or defect. I might have to accept that I am getting old and a little slow, but I still have the wits to invent. I should stop rambling and get to the point. I am in charge of scouting the mountain areas known as [Tipt], [Vxed], and the [sewers] under the city. Which would you like to know about?'

You say, 'the sewers'

Vaifan Cogswin says 'According to my records here, the sewers are a pretty vile area. Filled with some strange creatures, I hear. So, being the genius that I am, I came up with a plan to use a prototype clockwork scout I built when we were having problems exploring the catacombs in Mistmoore. He appeared to be working fine. I received constant detailed reports on the sewers and mountain areas until one day it stopped. For some time I tried to make contact with the clockwork, but nothing. I started working on a second one to retrieve the first when Falcin stumbled onto the boat. In his struggle to get back to us he had to make his escape through the sewers. While going through there, he found this. This is the reporting module used by the clockwork scout. It does not look like much now, but you should have seen it when Falcin gave it to me. I have repaired most of the damage in an attempt to access the information stored within, but there are four vital components missing. I need you to go to the four sewer areas and find a timing gear, a rusty spring, an oiled belt, and a processing gizmo. When you have them all, place them inside the gearbox and combine them. Once this has been done, the gearbox should give you a report. Return the report to me.'

A gnomish contraption

Time for a little collect again. Never trust a gnome. You knew there was some newfangled thingy to be had, did you?

  • Timing Gear
  • Crematory    Cryxtetl
    Diseased Larva
    Slime Devourer
  • Oiled Cog
    (gnome's been slipping again, confusing a belt and a cog)
  • Lair Blistering Larvae
    Sludge Eating Fly
  • Rusty Spring
  • Pool Disdraught Slimesnipper
    Festering Sewer Gnat
    Xthid the Undying
  • Processing Gizmo
  • Plant Grimy Turepta
    Ukun Packleader

    All the named mobs in the various sewers areas sometimes drop the requisite part (and only them). You need to kill 20+ mobs in each zone before the nameds or their PH start to spawn.

    Upon combine into the Broken Clockwork Output Gearbox you received, you get a Repaired Clockwork Output Gearbox back, as well as the Mangled Report you were looking for. Turn the report in to Vaifan for the reward.

    As you fit each piece into place the small device comes to life. Whirring and clicking, it begins to shake in your hand as a mangled piece of paper slides out of an opening on the front. Then, just as quickly as it started the device goes dead.

    Vaifan Cogswin says 'Grrr, I was afraid of this. Seems without the extra modules working together this one won't function completely. Nonetheless at least it is fixed now and with your assistance we should be able to reassemble the scout and place this module back inside. Take this. I found it in the gearbox when I first received it. Seems like it may have some affinity with the stone Fezbin gave to you. Let me know when you are ready to help out some more.'

    Flag: You were successful in helping Vaifan complete her report of the sewer areas

    Reward: A Muddy Gem Shard

    Combined with A Green Hued Gemstone, yields A Muddy Green Gemstone (which is no longer an augmentation)

    The repaired gearbox will be used in step #7b.

    Step #6: Vxed

    Talking to Vaifan Cogswin

    You say, 'Hail, Vaifan Cogswin'

    Vaifan Cogswin says 'Well, hello traveler. You here to help with the scout problem we've been having?'

    You say, 'vxed'

    Vaifan Cogswin says 'We have discovered that this continent holds many dangerous creatures, including the strange beings of the invading army. Many of these beasts can be found in the mountain area called Vxed. After being severely damaged in Tipt, the clockwork scout made its way back to Vxed to perform self maintenance, but I believe this is where it met its final demise. While the chance is slim, I believe you may be able to salvage enough of the parts from the creatures within Vxed to reassemble the frame. What you will need to find is a flickering finkenheimer, a tarnished sprocket, some uncoiled springs, a greased bolt, and some connection rods. When you have them all place, the sprocket, springs, bolt, and rods in the finkenheimer and bring me the result. I must warn you to be careful though. If these things could stop my clockwork, they must be pretty powerful creatures.'

    The collection

    You need

    Place the 4 items in the finkenheimer, and combine. You do need to have the quest assigned to you by Vaifan Cogswin, or your combine will give you no result (and the items still be destroyed).

    The finale

    Turn in your completed finkenheimer to Vaifan:

    Vaifan Cogswin says, "I can't believe you did it. Not a bad job is I do say so myself. You may have a future in tinkering my young friend. Now, if you will give me one second to change a few things and rip this part out, adjust this here, add a couple of these, and there you go, a nice new clockwork frame. Now we just need to collect the rest of the pieces to rebuild him. Oh, and before I forget, here is reward for helping me out. Let me know if you wish to explore any of the other areas by asking me about them."

    Flag: You were successful in helping Vaifan complete her report of the Vxed mountain area.

    Reward: A Dusty Gem Shard

    Combined with A Muddy Green Gemstone, yields A Dusty Green Gemstone

    You also get an Inactive Clockwork Scout Module, for "the rest of the pieces to rebuild him" as she says. This goes into step #7b.

    Step #7: Tipt

    Talking to Vaifan Cogswin

    You say, 'Hail, Vaifan Cogswin'

    Vaifan Cogswin says 'Well, hello traveler. You here to help with the scout problem we've been having?'

    You say, 'tipt'

    Vaifan Cogswin says 'The mountainous areas of this continent hold many dangers within them. Tipt in particular is thick with members of the invading army, dangerous creatures, and the angry spirits of nihil refugees. Looking at the information I have, the clockwork scout tried to take a direct path to the other side of Tipt and had some serious problems. Apparently, it had a run in with some cragbeasts, a pack of ghosts, numerous Muramites, and a native riddlemaster. While he made it pretty far, he took significant damage each step of the way. My last report received for this area stated that it was returning to the Vxed area to recover, but had lost multiple power cells in the process. I need you to retrieve these power cells. They are vital to rebuilding the scout and getting that report. There are five different types of cells, each one is called Vaifan's Power Cell -- named after the most ingenious gnome there is, of course. The cells are named from A to E. When you have collected all of them, place them in this power pack, activate it, and return it to me.'

    Little cocky gnome, is she?

    At this point you received a Depleted Clockwork Power Pack to assemble the power cells.

    Getting the cells

    The cells are rare drops from the mob mentioned by Vaifan.

    Combine the 5 power cells, and you will have a Fully Charged Power Pack. Give it to Vaifan.

    Each battery slides neatly into place as the power pack emits a low whine indicating it is powered up and fully operational.

    Vaifan Cogswin says 'Wonderful. While the power cells were slightly damaged I was still able to increase the strength of the power pack for a short amount of time. This should give the scout just enough power to produce a legible copy the report. Thank you for the assistance, take this i scraped it off the side of the power cells. Looks like it might be able to add some power to the stone you recieived from Fezbin. There are still some areas left to explore, so when you are ready ake me about the next area you want to look into.'

    Flag: You were successful in helping Vaifan complete her report of the Tipt Mountain pass.

    Reward: A Dirt Covered Gem Shard

    Combined with A Dusty Green Gemstone, yields one of

    You also receive an Extended Life Power Pack, a Power Pack Adapter and Clockwork Scout Assembly Instructions.

    Step #7b: The full clockwork

    The dialogs in part #5, 6 and 7 are those you get when completing each step without completing the others. When you complete the last step, the dialog changes.

    Vaifan Cogswin says 'Now that we have all the functioning pieces, we can reassemble the scout. Take these instructions and this power pack adapter and return to either mountain area to assemble the scout. I would have you do it here, but I fear he may be unstable and . . . well, let's just say I don¿t want to put the ship in danger. Please return to me with the report once you have it. I am going to prepare my final report so when you return I can take it straight to Fezbin. Good luck to you.'

    You must reassemble the Extended Life Power Pack, the Power Pack Adapter and the Repaired Clockwork Output Gearbox into the Inactive Clockwork Scout Module container. This combine works only in Vxed or Tipt, as indicated on the book.

    With the final piece in place, the clockwork scout's eyes light up as it comes to life.

    (You now have a non-aggro clockwork.)

    You say, 'Access code 040703'

    Clockwork Scout Model XIII says 'Verifying password and user identity . . .'

    Clockwork Scout Model XIII says 'Identity verified as Xxxxx. Processing scout report. Please return report to Vaifan.'

    You get an Outer Regions Scouting Report as the final report. Only the person who spawned him can get the access. After 1mn, the clockwork scout despawns:

    Clockwork Scout Model XIII says 'Power cells low. Shutting down to reserve power.'

    Turn in the report to Vaifan back in Abysmal sea.

    Vaifan Cogswin says 'Excellent. It is always wonderful when something you invent works out. This was all I needed to finish up my report to Fezbin. Thank you once again. You have been very helpful. Once again I must reward you with this. When you brought the clockwork frame to me this fell out of it. I think it will go with your mask quite well. Try combining the two together and see what happens. I must say goodbye now.'

    Flag: You were successful in helping Vaifan complete her report of the sewers and mountain areas. Fezbin will be pleased, but there are others who need your help.

    Reward: whatever shard you were supposed to get as the last step of Vaifan (you did get the shard during each individual step only if that's not the last quest step for Vaifan)

    Step #8: Yxtta

    Talking to L`diava Rexxen

    Find L`diava Rexxen in the same area as the others.

    You say, 'Hail, L`diava Rexxen'

    L`diava Rexxen says 'Yes, yes. What is it I can do for you? I am a very busy woman and do not have a moment to waste on just anyone. Are you one of the adventurers sent here by Fezbin?'

    You say, 'yes i am'

    L`diava Rexxen says 'Very good. You are just in time. I am in need of immediate assistance in the temple areas known as [Yxtta] and the [frightful temple], Kod'Taz. While our scouts have been missing for quite some time, I recently received some information that leads me to believe they may still be alive. Which one we help first is up to you. Which area do you wish to investigate?'

    You say, 'what is yxtta'

    L`diava Rexxen says 'Yxtta is one of three smaller temple areas where a group of natives known as the trusik used to worship a god called Trushar. We do not know who this god is, but we believe he is a false god centered around a belief in natural destruction. Xounii Resnen was the scout assigned to this area. She was given this task because of her expertise in shapeshifting. I told her to take the shape of a trusik native and interact with them to find out more information. She managed to fit in quite well. Perhaps too well. Gradually, reports came less frequently until they eventually stopped. While everyone feared she had suffered the same fate as the other scouts, I think she started to believe she was really a trusik and has abandoned her assignment. What I need you to do is go there and find her. Now, be careful, the trusik are not a friendly race of beings and they are even more irritated by the invasion of the Muramite army. When you find Xounii I fear she may attack you. If this happens, I will not fault you for defending yourself, but if it comes to this I want some form of proof as to what happened.'

    Xounii's Journal

    Xounii's Journal Page 1 drops the shapeshifting wanderer. It seems that Xounii got so deeply shapeshifted she forgot she wasn't a beast in the first place. You will identify her because she changes shape according to whatever area she goes to (become an insect near the insect part, become a cragbeast near them, and so on).

    Upon bringing back that page, you are told to find the rest of the journal, which drops from the various bosses of the zone.

    L`diava Rexxen says 'Thank you for returning this to me. I wish the circumstances could have been different, but in honor of her memory, we will use this information to prevent the needless death of any other scouts. Now let me see what is written here. Hm. Seems she stumbled onto a secret ritual of some sort in an underground temple, called Uqua. Looks like the Muramites may be trying to reproduce another tear in space. This does not bode well for anyone. We must find out more about this. I must ask that you return to Yxtta and see if you can find any more of Xounii's entries. I cannot tell you where to start looking, but it seems that the best place to look would be in the caves where you found her. Xounii was very diligent about her reports so she would have written much about this. Try to find four more pieces of her journal entries and return them to me.'

    These are:

    Bring the 4 parts to complete the report from Yxtta and get your shard.

    Reward: A Translucent Gem Shard

    Combined with A Dirty Green Gemstone, yields A Translucent Green Gemstone (no longer an augmentation).

    Step #9: Kod'Taz

    Talking to L`diava Rexxen

    You say, 'Hail, L`diava Rexxen'

    L`diava Rexxen says 'Yes, yes. What is it I can do for you? I am a very busy woman and do not have a moment to waste on just anyone. Are you one of the adventurers sent here by Fezbin?'

    You say, 'what is the frightful temple'

    L`diava Rexxen says 'Kod'Taz is made up of multiple temples that were once used for worship by the trusik natives. Many of them have since been destroyed or made into strongholds for the Muramite army. Due to the sheer size of this area, we sent a scouting force there to investigate. All of them are still alive, save one, named Kitren Lanom. None of the scouts left in the area know what happened to her or her belongings. Last time they remember seeing her was when she entered the Temple of Tri-Fates in an attempt to pass the temple trial. Please go to Kod'Taz and speak to Kevren Nalavat. He should be able to help you access the three trials. You will have to enter each trial and bring me back anything you find of Kitren's from each temple. Even though the scouts there have searched many times for something, I think a fresh set of eyes may help some. Kevren is the only one who knows you are helping me. Please do not let the others know you were sent by me. I have not yet ruled out the possibility of foul play and if they are aware of your affiliation, it may place you in more danger.'

    Kitren's Tattered Cloak can be found in the a pile of bones which is the reward "chest" from the 3rd Ikkinz single-group trial. Turn it to L'diava:

    L`diava Rexxen says 'Oh, thank you brave adventurer. We are now one step closer to finding out what happened to Kitren. Now, give me one second to look through the cloak here and . . . here it is, Kitren's notebook. There must be some information here that can help us more. While I read through this, I need you to return to Kevren Nalavat. He believes he may have found more clues to Kitren's whereabouts and since you did such a good job with the trials he believes you may be able to help him. Even though you have proven yourself by defeating the trials, he will not give you what I need unless you help him. When you return to him, show him this letter and it will confirm my trust in you. Hurry now. There no time to waste!'

    Find Kevren Navalat, and hand him the note from L'diava.

    If you handed the cloak before you finished all of the first 3 single-group Ikkinz trials (and turned the key items to Kevren Navalat), you will be bugged, and Kevren will not accept the letter. In that case, you will need to reset the entire Kod'taz step, acquire a new cloak, and redo the turn-ins.

    Kevren Nalavat says 'Seems you have made quite an impression if you are trusted by L`diava. But don't think that this means you do not have to gain my trust. While you survived the three trials I am still in need of assistance, I some [other tasks] completed, when you have finished them please return to me and tell me you have done all I asked and I will give you what you came here for. If you do not wish to start these tasks right now we do have some time to talk a little [more].'

    Asking about the "other tasks" leads you to the standard Kod'taz flag progression. You do need to complete that progression to get the Kod'taz reward:

    Trial #1 - Singular Might

    Say "Singular Might" to Kevren and then head to the middle temple to the south. Gazak Kleikek is the NPC required to start the expedition, he is a monk feigned death just west of the temple entrance.

    The trial is very straight forward trial up until you get to the Diabolic Destroyer. She is in the first room on the right along the main hall. You need a strong tank, cleric and bard/enchanter for this.

    NOTE: The Diabolic Destroyer will mem blur if the warrior uses defensive. Upon engaging the destroyer, three adds will spawn. Throughout the fight, more adds will spawn in groups of 1-2. These need to be trained or mezzed.

    Once the Diabolic Destroyer dies, Cruel Illusion will spawn (a rather trivial encounter in comparison). Kill the illusion and loot the Ruined Pendant of Might. Hand that back to Gazak to obtain the first line of progress text.

    Finished!- You have completed the trial at the Temple of Singular Might!

    Trial #2 - Twin Struggles

    Say "Twin Struggles" to Kevren then head to the far south temple and find Maroley Nazuey who is hidden behind some rocks just to the west of the temple complex. This will start the expedition.

    This trial requires two strong tanks, a cleric, a slower (enchanter preferred), a second healer (druid preferred), and DPS.

    The final named are in a pair in the first room on the left following the main hall. The named themselves start out unkillable, but they will cast their fairly nasty AoE's on you once they see you. Around the named are nine servants who are rooted and won't attack you, these mobs add power to the main named and must be killed to spawn them. Each servant has a different "job", be sure to kill off the ones with damage shields first, leave a blue-con mob till last so you can kill it easy to activate the nameds. Once the named are active, burn down one as fast as possible, then finish the 2nd off. They have huge DPS, so be ready.

    Once both named are dead a box will spawn in the south cubby, /open the box to loot the Stained Stone Chalice and hand that to Maroley to obtain the next line of progress text.

    Finished!- You have completed the trial at the Temple of Twin Struggles!

    Trial #3 - Tri-fates

    Say "Tri-fates" then head to the Northern most temple, Kenra Kalekkio is the npc you're looking for, she's to the East of the main temple complex. Talk to her to start the expedition.

    Group make up for this is fairly standar: Cleric, warrior, slower, second healer useful, then DPS.

    The final named are located by following the main Ikkinz hall way all the way down the first ramp, and into the door with three alcoves. There is one named located in each alcove within that room. Once a named is agro'd it will spawn about five non-targettable archers, each, who will ping away at anything they can. You must kill the three named one at a time, working from North to South. The thing to remember is that the named will pick up on the agro list of the previous named, so on the second and third named your healers will start with a lot of agro right off the bat.

    It's suggested that you save all disciplines on the first named, since failing him has no consequences, where as if you fail the second or third named and there is nobody left in their room, any previously killed named will instantly respawn. Once he's dead I suggest you camp out your cleric so that she looses agro on the archers. Also suggested is your tank taunt/etc to get main agro BEFORE doing any damage, otherwise the named will start summoning immediately. Have the MT blow riposte disc on #2, and melee burn their DPS discs. Then you can rest up as needed for #3 who I feel is a lot easier.

    Once the 3rd named is dead several boxes will spawn on the East wall, /open them to find the Thrice-Notched Arrow Remains. Hand it in to Kenra to obtain the next progress text.

    Finished!- You have completed the trial at the Temple of the Tri-Fates!

    Kevren Nalavat's Tasks

    The following tasks must be completed in order. You'll need to talk to Kevren and get a portion of text in your Progress Updates (the "finished!" messages) before you attempt the turn-ins that he wants or he is likely to eat your parts.

    Task #1: Martyr's Passage

    You will need to collect four Relic of the Martyr. They are all lore and have the same name, however, have different lore messages. All four can be found as groundspawns, and all four can also be found as drops from ghost mobs in the martyr's passage and in the temple right at the end of it. It is easiest (for most classes) to bring a wizard friend, and have him give you a TL box. Run in, grab the groundspawn, then click yes for the TL. Repeat three more times and you are set. The locations of the groundspawns are as follows.

    On the table in the left hand room inside of the temple. Loc = -1031, 1230, -423.

    As you enter the temple the Relic is just to your right on box . Loc = -1088, 1168, -419.

    Relic inside of the coffin in the far right little hut. Loc = -1686, 1269, -380.

    Facing the temple at base of the steps, to your left, behind the little hut with a goat in it. Loc = -1316, 1285, -428.

    Have a chat with Kevren

    You say, 'Martyrs Passage'

    Finished! - You've been commissioned to investigate the Martyrs Passage!

    Hand him the 4 relics, all at once.

    Finished! - You've returned four relics from the Martyrs Passage!

    Next, you will need to kill mobs in the passage until a Parchment of Flesh drops. Loot it and give it to Kevren.

    Finished! - You've returned valuable information as to why the Muramites are in the Martyrs Passage!

    Task #2: Temple of the Damned

    You say, 'Temple of the Damned'

    Kevren will go through his chat, follow whatever he wants you to [say] to get through it (email me a log of the chat if you have it please.)

    The temple Kevren speaks to you about is the one directly south of Kevren (closest temple to the zone in.) Clear into the basement and /open the pile of bones. There is no need to clear the mobs in the small rooms to the left and right before the basement. When you /open, several goats and aneruks will spawn. Its easiest to pull them all out and have an enchanter mez them. Kill one at a time. Each one of the four main mobs will drop 6 Glyph of the Damned and the boss mob will drop an item (175ish hps.) Loot the four different Glyphs. Hand all of them to Kevren so you can get a character flag, he will give them back.

    Finished! - You've recovered important glyphs from the Temple of the Damned!

    Now head over to Tublik (he hangs out at the 3 way intersection by Yxtta and the Martyr's Passage. Talk to him about the temple of the damned and get the bag from him. It is an eight slot container. Next run around Martyr's passage with invis and pick up four of the Pile of Dust. Stick all four Glyphs of the Damned and all four Pile of Dust in the container Tublik gave you and combine. Give the result to back to Kevren.

    Finished! - You've successfully translated the glyphs you found in the Temple of the Damned!

    Task #3: Summoner's Ring

    You say, "think you can do"

    Finished! - You've been charged with stopping the ceremony at the Summoning Circle!

    The Summoner Ring event is found just before entering the main Kod'Taz courtyard area where the Ikkinz raid entrences are found. Once the Grand Summoner is dead you need to loot a Grand Summoner's Glyph and hand it in to Kevren to recieve the next line of progress text.

    Finished! - You were able to recover a rare artifact from the Grand Summoner's goons in the Summoning Circle!

    After doing all of that...

    You say, 'I have done all you asked'

    Kevren Nalavat says 'Indeed you have and your help is greatly appreciated. Take this back to L`diava I believe it has the answers she seeks.'

    Take the Sealed Confession and give it to L'Diava.

    L`diava Rexxen says 'Once again, a job well done. I hear you accomplished the tasks with flying colors. Now let's see what this says. Hm . . . this changes everything. I never suspected something like this, but now that I know, it all makes sense to me. Oh poor Kitren, why didn't you warn me first? Please leave me be. I must take sometime to think. Take this as proof of your accomplishments in Kod'Taz. It possesses a power that you can unlock when you combine it with the stone from Fezbin. Return to me later if you wish to investigate Yxtta.'

    Flag: You were successful in helping L`diava complete her report of Kod'Taz. Fezbin will be pleased, but there are others who need your help.

    Reward: A Smoky Gem Shard

    Combined with A Translucent Green Gemstone, yields one of

    Step #10: Free stuff!!!

    Time to head back to Fezbin after completing all the steps.

    You say, 'I have completed your task'

    Fezbin Fizzles says 'So I have been told, Xxxxx. Your help will long be remembered by the brotherhood. Since you first came to me, the stone should have grown in power and now I will give you the item that will unlock the stone's full potential. Please combine this with your stone after you have combined all of the other items given to you by the lead scouts and you will possess an item of immense power and a symbol of your fighting spirit. Once again, the brotherhood thanks you. I must bid you good day as I recently received some [interesting information].'

    Flag: You have done quite well and your exploits will forever be talked about by the members of the Wayfarers Brotherhood, but don't you dare relax as there's still many more adventures and hidden treasures out there waiting for a hero like you.

    You say, 'interesting information'

    Fezbin Fizzles says 'Where are my manners? I should have known someone as adventurous as you would be interested in this. One of our researching experts by the name of Beanalle has recently discovered some very intriguing information about the temples beyond Yxtta and Kod'Taz.

    Reward: A Jagged Blood Shard.

    Combine with A Smokey Green Gemstone, yields one of:

    Step #11: Qvic

    Time to head to the fourth specialist, Beanalle Banoam:

    You say, 'Hail, Beanalle Banoam'

    Beanalle Banoam says 'Hello, Xxxxx. It is truly an honor to meet you. I have heard some great things about you and hope that what I have [discovered] will interest you.'

    You say, 'discovered'

    Beanalle Banoam says 'After going through some of the reports submitted by the scout leaders, I was able to figure something out about the temples that lie beyond Yxtta and Kod'Taz. Apparently, the temple called Qvic is where the Muramite army first broke through. The temple was ravaged by the force of the explosion when the portal to the Muramites' realm closed. Of course, as you know, they are not the only thing that came through the portal. The strange magic stones we discovered were also a result of that explosion and up until now we thought we had found the most powerful ones. After going through the reports, I found out that concentrated pieces of the magic-imbued [matter] lie in the Qvic temple area and beyond.'

    You say, 'matter'

    Beanalle Banoam says 'These pieces of matter possess vast power like none we have ever seen, but there is a drawback. You see these special augmentations? I have come to call them shards of power because of the odd shapes they take. They must have their power removed and condensed before they can be applied to an item. I have figured out a way to do this, but another [drawback] has prevented me from testing my theory further.'

    You say, 'drawback'

    Beanalle Banoam says 'Well, these special shards can only be combined with an item they are attuned to. In other words, the materials that make up an item determine if these shards are compatible with it. Now, I have found many formulas that will allow for a particular shard to merge with a particular item. Recently I discovered one [item] that was perfectly in tune with them all.'

    You say, 'item'

    Beanalle Banoam says 'Why, your stone of course. The different items you have added to it have altered its makeup so much that it is hardly what it was when you first received it. It is a powerful item that can be made even more powerful with my help and yours, but this will require the help of many and I am afraid we do not have the force to take on such a task. Do you think you would be willing to collect the four shards of power from the temples and bring them to me as you get them?

    You say, 'yes'

    Beanalle Banoam says 'Excellent! I knew Fezbin was right about you. Okay, here is what I can tell you. Qvic, Inktu'ta, Txevu, and Tacvi are the names of the temples beyond Yxtta and Kod'Taz. Within each of these you should find a shard of power. The hard part will be finding one as the Muramites are aware of the power within them and are hoarding every piece they find. If my theory is correct, you will have to combine the shards in a particular order before the stone will become attuned with another. You should retrieve the shards from the temples in the order I said before -- Qvic, Inktu'ta, Txevu, and Tacvi. Give each shard to me one at a time so that I can remove and condense the magic for you and then you can combine them in the special sealer. Now, hurry! I am worried that the leader of the Muramites may realize he needs to get rid of these shards, before we can get our hands on them.

    So here you are. The next 4 steps are all about recovering the last 4 shards in each of the 4 end zones in order.

    This Shard of Dark Matter is the first one. It is an drop of Cynosure Kvanji (might drop up to 3).

    Reward: Condensed Matter Shard

    Combined with the Adventurer's Stone, yields one of

    Step #12: Inktu'ta

    That Shard of of Dark Matter (looks like the same from Qvic, but that's a different one) from Inktu'ta is an uncommon drop from Noqufiel, the final boss of the zone.

    Combined with the Black Matter Gemstone, yields one of

    Step #13: Txevu

    That Shard of of Dark Matter (looks like the same from Qvic and Inktu'ta, but that's a different one) from Txevu is a drop from Zun`Muram Tkarish Zyk, the final boss of the zone.

    Reward: Condensed Matter Shard

    To be continued...

    Step #14: Tacvi

    Due to a bug, it seems the combine order for Txevu and Tacvi has been permuted. In other words, you need to combine the Tacvi piece first, then the Txevu one.

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